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Hello! I’m ready to ​assist with your plans. ​Let’s talk!

the value of VDA is in ​your vision.

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VDA acts with the belief that ​all businesses should have ​access to equitable resources.

VDA partners with small to ​medium sized businesses and ​nonprofits to achieve more: ​More sales, more customers, ​more growth - all through the ​use of data.

Vertice Data Analysis specializes ​in Descriptive Analysis for small ​to medium sized businesses and ​nonprofits. The purpose is to act ​as an added resource to help you ​make better decisions.

Data analysis doesn‘t solve problems; ​instead, it gives you more information ​to help you make informed decisions ​affecting your business strategies.

Data analysis involves visualizing data to ​discover patterns and trends that can lead ​to insights, for more informed decision-​making, whether your business is -

Lined Hospital Child online class


VDA uses data to ​identify trends in ​purchasing habits, ​including when ​customers are buying, ​why they purchase ​what they do, how they ​prefer to purchase, and ​the quantities they are ​most interested in.

Handdrawn Geometric Flower Storefront

Brick and ​Mortar

VDA uses data to ​identify where your ​target audience is, ​their demographics, ​their needs, wants, ​and expectations, so ​you can make better ​sales and marketing ​decisions.

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VDA uses data to ​assist with the ​omnichannel approach ​to your business: ​Online, Mobile and ​Brick and Mortar, to ​help you make more ​strategic sales and ​marketing decisions.





Given a limited budget and time constraints, which option would YOU choose for a trip to ​Mexico, based on the information below? This is an example of using visualized data to ​make a more informed decision about travel.

Cost vs Layover by Airline

7 Hrs

Mexico Trip


27 Hrs

17 Hrs

13 Hrs

30 Hrs

Cost of Flight




US Airlines flying out of ​Houston, TX

"Sweat equity is the most valuable equity there is. Know your business and industry better than anyone else in the world. Love what you do or don't do it."

- Mark Cuban, entrepreneur, television personality, and owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks

VDA is a resource for client partners throughout the analysis process:

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Data Cleaning

Working with client or third party data to ensure it is of the highest quality, consistency, and value possible prior to analysis.

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Data is visualized to highlight patterns, trends and characteristics that can assist in new product design, assessing customer preferences or identifying areas of potential growth. Visualization tells the story of the data in a way that is more easily understood, revealing relevant insights that can lead to better decision making.

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Data Reporting

Clients are given complete reports outlining: the type of data used, including any limitations, biases or deficiencies; the data cleaning process; the results of the analysis; and recommendations based on the findings. Reports serve as living documents that can be referenced repeatedly to assess progress or changes that still need to be made, and to use as a metric to measure against.

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Client Follow-up

Data analysis is not a one time event. Instead, it is an ongoing process that successful businesses and nonprofits integrate into their operations to monitor the health and well-being of the organization.

VDA partners to build relationships that lead to mutual success.

Gain insights through personalized analysis of data that can directly impact your business or nonprofit. Click here to schedule a consultation via video chat* to discuss your specific vision today!

* video conferencing available via Skype, Whatsapp, and Messenger

Pricing to fit your budget, goals, and objectives

Customized Pricing


Your business needs are specific. And you should only pay for the services you need. VDA offers customized pricing options per client, which will vary based on the level of research, data acquisition*, and analysis required.

**Pricing based on client provided data

Contact VDA to discuss more indepth and recurring monthly and quarterly analysis pricing options

*The quality and availability of FREE and publicly available datasets is not guaranteed.

Payments are processed securely and accurately through

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Vertice Data Analysis

acting with the belief that all businesses should have access to equitable resources

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